Month: August 2016

  • Click Here: Fury and Fear Pricking Her Skin

    Click Here: Fury and Fear Pricking Her Skin

    Absolute Series scene from Book II: Absolute Avar – Greed Chapter 7 race under the stars with her. lose your breath in her storm. if you’re lucky, kiss her long. then smile as she dances away. she’s a wildfire and can’t be tamed. – lyrics from Ballad of the Vixen Nebula, by Starshock Sisters  Kýrie wanted…

  • Contact Information

    Contact Information

    You can sign up to follow The Fathoms Newsletter, or contact me here: Facebook: Twitter: @AbsoluteSeries Instagram: angelallendale Snapchat: kyriekylkynne Pinterest: Thank you for your questions, concerns, feedback, and solidarity!

  • Click Here: Mental Illness in Youth

    Click Here: Mental Illness in Youth

    Age 12 greeted me with prayers to God to take my life before I took my own. When I first brought my very legitimate concerns to an adult, he smiled uneasily and went back to bouncing the basketball ever in his hands: “Don’t worry. It’s not that serious. You will just get over it.” Unfortunately, this can…

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  • Background of Sins: DeVia and Virto Definitions

    Background of Sins: DeVia and Virto Definitions

    The Trinity magic of the Inner Universe of Aalenstar has been corrupted by the creation of the Catalyst drug. The DeVias and Virtos govern the way this drug impacts the disposition of the Tasters and those who combat them. The Catalyst drug, designed by reaping the soul of a mortal and manufactured and sold by the…

  • Click Here – Book I

    Click Here – Book I

    The first Book in the Absolute Series is now available on the Amazon Marketplace in paperback as well as an eBook for all devices: Absolute Awakening on Amazon Absolute Awakening is an epic science fiction/fantasy novel that unleashes Kýrie Kylkynne, a free-spirited teenager whose mind whirls against firecracker mood shifts while she thwarts the expectations of the…

  • Click Here: Mental Health Resources

    Click Here: Mental Health Resources

    Mental illness crushes. Bipolar disorder can be like exploding in slow motion. Stigma inhibits strength. Fighting stigma forges welds in every crack the world blessed you. I can wring the neck of my pencil, shatter the keys of my computer, and paint the blank screen with expletives and joy, all seeking an endlessly evasive cure for…

  • Book III Release Fall 2020

    Book III Release Fall 2020

    Book III in the Absolute Series, Absolute Nería: Gluttony, will be released in Fall 2020.

  • Rain Smells Red

    Rain Smells Red

    Rain Smells Red For Jack The tin-pan click click of raindrops on the rusted metal roof beat in time with Mama’s eyelashes.  She always blinked furiously when she was thrusting denial in front of her like a shield before Pappy’s barrage of insults and anger.  No, of course he hadn’t been drinking, she would say…