Space Opera
The space opera Absolute Series challenges characters to face the perils of their mental demons and their purpose in epic social, political, and military star systems. Kýrie Kylkynne is a tempestuous teenager challenged with volatile mood shifts and bone-rattling anxiety. Her alliance with warrior magician teams is imperative as they battle the illicit trade of an empowering, soul-reaping, mind-manipulating drug which ties a Taster to one of the Deadly Sins. Magical abilities are dependent on the balance between life and death, demonstrating the absolute nature of fate and primal desires, which our heroes must balance, and sometimes conquer, within themselves.
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Space Opera
Mental Health
Mental Health
In Angel's books, characters battle their own psyche, influenced by her own trials and triumphs with mental illness. She is driven by the ravenous need for knowledge with the idea her mind can over every challenge. She finds experts of insight, devouring Kant, Confucius, Jung, Descartes, Rumi, and Voltaire. Unfortunately, through her Bipolar Disorder, she frequently experiences the loss of her mind. The Purgatory that greets her is a mind-numbing, bone-rattling, stark defiance of reality. She replicates this struggle in her writing as a way to challenge the stigma around those who are assailed by similar demons.
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..Welcome to the Inner Universe of Aalenstar..

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Absolute Awakening is a sci-fi/fantasy space opera with epic social, political, magic, and military systems. The first novel introduces Kýrie Kylkynne, the tempestuous firecracker, badass teenage warrior, challenged to confront her mental instabilities while embracing the universe’s expectations in a battle against a magical drug reaped from the soul of a mortal.

The drug is intensely empowering but ties the Taster to one of the Deadly Sins.  As the warrior scholars command Kýrie’s allegiance and the riotous manipulators of the drug beckon across transgalaxy domination, Kýrie recklessly and relentlessly demands the universe obey her desires instead.


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Growing up, I had a big block of rejected construction-site wood sitting next to my old school mid-90s Apple desktop.  The kind of computer that would make a fantastically satisfying crater in the concrete if dropped from eight stories up – though there weren’t any buildings within two hours of my rural country home that actually had eight stories.  I had burned into the side of the wood “Writer’s Block.”  When a tentative tap-tapping on the door permeated my word-weaving haze, I would pick up the wood and smile grimly, devilishly, whimsically at the nervous entrant to the Inner Universe of Aalenstar.  “This is my writer’s block,” I would say,  “I throw it at people who bother me while I’m writing.”  Though my parents weren’t always charmed, they often gave-in and allowed me to slay dragons with my fingertips while the muse was on fire.

I didn’t know at that young age that the muse set on fire by storms, sunsets, raindrops, and revelry was often fueled by the hypomania of bipolar disorder.  Mental illness sent a lightning-strike through my soul at a young age beset by suicidal ideations and a fearless desire to be the best at everything I did.  The Writer’s Block of my adult life has been further hewn, scorched, thrown, slashed, run-over, and hidden beneath the bed with all the other monsters, all in the anxious pursuit, whether depressed or elated, of that ruthless mistress called Life and her notoriously finicky sidekick Meaning.

Life and Meaning are entangled in my writing.  Like many artists and writers with a predisposition for instability, I’ve been drawn into the temptation of creation – which can also be considered destruction.  I still have both my ears and the bell has not yet tolled for me, so I am grateful to create this website and these worlds as havens for my restless mind and the intrepid warriors I compose.


As a woman living with bipolar disorder, the duality of my perceptions compels me to discover the intricacies of my characters’ impassioned selves and rampaging psychologies.  The mental health elements of Absolute Awakening are relatable to all, but I hope that the trials and triumphs of Kýrie and her intrepid crew will give hope to those who deal with severe forms of mental illness, proving that even “broken” minds can build brilliance in the world.

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