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The first Book in the Absolute Series is now available on the Amazon Marketplace in paperback as well as an eBook for all devices:

Absolute Awakening on Amazon

Absolute Awakening is an epic science fiction/fantasy novel that unleashes Kýrie Kylkynne, a free-spirited teenager whose mind whirls against firecracker mood shifts while she thwarts the expectations of the Inner Universe of Aalenstar. A drug reaped from the soul of a mortal has corrupted the traditional rituals for obtaining magical power. Tasting the Catalyst drug is intensely empowering, gifting unparalleled skills more quickly than legitimate discipline, but with dangerous and unpredictable mastery. The drug strips the Taster of their moral compass, enslaving them to one of the deadly sins, including despair, forcing them to wrestle with the volatile reality of sin and virtue. The Crep Systeme of magicians dominates the production of this drug through the transgalaxy SoulTrade. Their strategic economic, political, and social systems are constantly entangled with the ruling Falcon Agency warrior scholars who protect the interests of planets and peoples across the universe.

Kýrie awakens to her true identity when the universe realizes what a powerful sorceress she can become. She recklessly endangers herself to pursue answers, a badass girl with bigass dreams. She hides her turbulent mental demons, though they embolden and jeopardize her every move. The Falcon Agency seeks her allegiance as they search multiple star systems for the underwater centers where the drug is created, seeking to annihilate its destructive influence. Dragons breathe mystery beyond the path of starships, Time Trappers plunge into the space-time fabric, and assassins infiltrate all sides. Kýrie is too smart to obey blindly, as the Crep Empress beckons and the FalconLeaders command, but she is also too audacious to avoid mischief in the stars and the greater allure to Taste the treacherous drug.

For an excerpt from this novel, go to this posting: TrinPiercer Assassin Mission

I hope you enjoy this novel and come back for more!

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