Background of Sins: DeVia and Virto Definitions

The Trinity magic of the Inner Universe of Aalenstar has been corrupted by the creation of the Catalyst drug. The DeVias and Virtos govern the way this drug impacts the disposition of the Tasters and those who combat them.

The Catalyst drug, designed by reaping the soul of a mortal and manufactured and sold by the Crep Systeme through the SoulTrade, is highly addictive. It elevates the Taster’s magical skills more quickly than through traditional magical training methods, but it is volatile, unpredictable, difficult to control. It also ties the Taster to one of the 8 DeVias… deadly deviations from classical virtues… eclipsing a Taster’s self-control and rational by bringing out their natural tendencies toward one of the Deadly Sins, amplifying their primal desires.

The 8 Virtos are the Falcon Agency’s response to the Crep Systeme DeVias. These are instructed in Falcon’s customary military structure as voluntary Flights to join. The Virtos are embedded in each Falconmember through their training philosophy, but those who choose the Virto path are taught the best ways to handle different DeVias, understanding their particular affinities, manipulations, and desires.

Ataraxia: Ignorance Is Bliss. The rare condition where the Taster has all the elevated powers, but no disposition to any of the DeVias. Freedom from worry or compulsion.

     DeVias                                                        Virtos

NERÍA – gluttony, no temperance. not just for food, but the inability to do anything in moderation. Lack of caution in anything they are doing. Living in this extreme means there is an inevitable crash in the opposite direction. Self-indulgent. Positive ability: Eager Learner. Loyal. Dutiful.

Crep Duty: trade and economics.



REGI – moderation and control. Levelheaded, resourceful, and realistic. Negative response: Over-cautious. Rigid.

Falcon Duty: understand and strategically oppose Crep Systeme allies on trade routes.

NENIO – sloth and apathy or indifference to roles. rebellion against any authority. Unreliable soldiers. Positive ability: Practical. Patient.

Crep Duty: Teachers, magical instructors.




TENACI – tenacious. diligence for roles required. Determination. Negative response: narrow-minded.

Falcon Duty: teach other Flights about the DeVias.

ENVII – envy of others. sly and cunning. Suspicious. Positive ability: insightful evaluation of skills and flaws of others, leading to new intelligence about opponents. Encourages and gives positive reinforcement to comrades. Meticulous.

Crep Duty: Military Intelligence



BELLUS – selflessness and kindness. Intuitive. Shrewd. Negative response: Can be taken advantage of in situations.

Falcon Duty: analysis of Crep actions, delivers information to Special Operations.

TRISTIA – sadness and despair. extreme pessimism that leads to negative evaluations of situation. Attempt to over-compensate, disrupting rational plans. Timid. Positive ability: always has secondary plans prepared. Forward-thinking. Compassionate.

Crep Duty: Medical and therapeutic personnel.



JOIE – positivity, joy, encouragement. Negative response: irrational optimism.

Falcon Duty: Medical and therapeutic personnel. Leaders of Vigor therapy groups. Revive deqwaned Mortalis.

AVAR – greed for material wealth and power. Posiitve ability: Selfless with comrades. Motivated. Responsible.

Crep Duty: find Sources which can prolong the lives of and even out the bad side effects of Tasting.



KARITO – charity and generosity to others. Adaptable. Negative response: easily manipulated.

Falcon Duty: protect planets which have Sources that the Crep need.

KOLERO – wrath. pre-emptive strategies. irrational. Sadistic. Positive abilities: fierce opponent in battle. Strategic. Courageous.Typically has success in efforts. Hard-working.

Crep Duty: Military Command, warrior training.




SERENA – patience, cooperation, and tolerance. Studious. Negative response: lack of passion or diligence to specific role.

Falcon Duty: scholarly training to match soldier duties

FIERO – pride and narcissism. Inability to believe they are wrong in any situation. Positive abilities: Charismatic. Trustworthy leader. Dynamic change-maker.

Crep Duty: Networker and diplomat.



HUMILA – humility and obedience.  Incorruptible. Integrity. Forthright. Negative response: doubt in one’s abilities or worth.

Falcon Duty: Networker and diplomat.

DEZI – lust for emotions and love. have difficulty feeling or emoting, so they steal the emotions of others. Can use emotions like fear, displeasure, or insecurity against their enemy. Positive abilities: Rational. Focused. Resilient.

Crep Duty: Catalysation Centers and leaders for deqwane services.

PURA – chastity, restraint, confidence. Empathetic. Negative response: overly emotional.

Falcon Duty: retrieve stolen qwaneduns.

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