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  • Painted Desert Paperback Purpose

    Riding shotgun in a van filled with cousins and snowboards across the painted desert, I am possessed by an uncontrollable smile, picking up my paperback of ABSOLUTE AWAKENING and hugging it to my chest. There have been a few times in my life when I’ve held a book so closely to my heart. Phillip Pullman’s…

  • Click Here: Fury and Fear Pricking Her Skin

    Click Here: Fury and Fear Pricking Her Skin

    Absolute Series scene from Book II: Absolute Avar – Greed Chapter 7 race under the stars with her. lose your breath in her storm. if you’re lucky, kiss her long. then smile as she dances away. she’s a wildfire and can’t be tamed. – lyrics from Ballad of the Vixen Nebula, by Starshock Sisters  Kýrie wanted…

  • Contact Information

    Contact Information

    You can sign up to follow The Fathoms Newsletter, or contact me here: contact@angelallendale.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/angelallendale Twitter: @AbsoluteSeries Instagram: angelallendale Snapchat: kyriekylkynne Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/angelallendale Thank you for your questions, concerns, feedback, and solidarity!

  • Click Here – Book I

    Click Here – Book I

    The first Book in the Absolute Series is now available on the Amazon Marketplace in paperback as well as an eBook for all devices: Absolute Awakening on Amazon Absolute Awakening is an epic science fiction/fantasy novel that unleashes Kýrie Kylkynne, a free-spirited teenager whose mind whirls against firecracker mood shifts while she thwarts the expectations of the…

  • Click Here: TrinPiercer Assassin Mission, Mere Glance IUA

    Click Here: TrinPiercer Assassin Mission, Mere Glance IUA

    — A Mere Glance into the Absolute Series through the Inner Universe of Aalenstar — it is a true warrior who can feel the pain of his deeds and not hate himself nor the world for which he fights. – Falcon Agency Leadership Philosophy Vol. I Makael Trevs-el leaned closely to the black-barked townin tree beside…

  • New Author Website

    I am excited to be part of the wonderful world of published authors. This site will be a unique place to receive exclusive content about the universes I create. My novels and stories have the incisive perception to portray fascinating mental illnesses and the way they impact even the strongest and most fantastical characters in my fiction.…