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  • Click Here: Fury and Fear Pricking Her Skin

    Click Here: Fury and Fear Pricking Her Skin

    Absolute Series scene from Book II: Absolute Avar – Greed Chapter 7 race under the stars with her. lose your breath in her storm. if you’re lucky, kiss her long. then smile as she dances away. she’s a wildfire and can’t be tamed. – lyrics from Ballad of the Vixen Nebula, by Starshock Sisters  Kýrie wanted…

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    Contact Information

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  • Click Here: Mental Illness in Youth

    Click Here: Mental Illness in Youth

    Age 12 greeted me with prayers to God to take my life before I took my own. When I first brought my very legitimate concerns to an adult, he smiled uneasily and went back to bouncing the basketball ever in his hands: “Don’t worry. It’s not that serious. You will just get over it.” Unfortunately, this can…

  • Click Here: Mental Health Resources

    Click Here: Mental Health Resources

    Mental illness crushes. Bipolar disorder can be like exploding in slow motion. Stigma inhibits strength. Fighting stigma forges welds in every crack the world blessed you. I can wring the neck of my pencil, shatter the keys of my computer, and paint the blank screen with expletives and joy, all seeking an endlessly evasive cure for…