Storm in the Mirror

Storm in the Mirror

April 24, 2016 – Ode to Mixed Mania


It’s hard to see through

The storm in the mirror.

She waits with lightning in

Her eyes that flashes

Even when I look away.

I know why she runs

When the lightning thunders,

But she flees into the gale

Rather than away to safety.

Safety is a word that

Plays on her lips,

Like the sweetest raindrops

That she can never really taste.

She licks away their beauty

But feels the weight of

Danger dance upon her skin instead.

She wants to jump in puddles

And stand on a roof in the wind.

She climbs to the highest tree

And begs for electricity to light her on fire

So that she can stop burning

Apart from the inside.

Splashes of rain painting her baby blues

Are really the strains of bars

Caging her soul inside

When it threatens to conquer

Her mind beyond salvation.

When her insides are in shreds

And her brain disobeys

She spins around and around

And around and around

To stabilize a world

That has erupted with a fury

More energizing than the

Most reactive atom bonds.

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